What it feels like to have the Corona Virus

What it feels like to have the Corona Virus? That is what I wondered for weeks before I got it. For weeks we had heard mummers about the virus in town. People had left and said they had now got the virus at they had got it while skiing.

Switzerland had been struck after Italy went into lockdown and closed the ski resorts. So where did all the Italians go when they wanted to go skiing? They drove an hour or two over the border and into Switzerland.

So when one day I felt unusually tired to the point when I had to pull over in the car and go to sleep for a bit, I knew something was entirely right. I had a very slight headache and cough but nothing that would make you think you had the virus.

They were no minor and mild. I would have ignored it. However, I went home and went to sleep for four hours, woke up and then a few hours went to sleep for the night.

The following morning I was ok, fatigued but I woke up questioning if I was ill. No loss of appetite, no fever, a cough now and then but again if this virus weren’t in the news I would have carried on with my day, but I knew I had to isolate myself. That evening the headache became more severe, and I might have had a fever.

The morning I woke up with a shortness of breath, it felt like I had asthma, like someone sitting on my chest. Again though I woke wondering if I was ill, it was just a slight headache and a minor pain on the chest. It was like this throughout. I was in contact with the Swiss Healthcare who were advising me. No, lose of appetite.

On day 4 I felt better, there was still a pain in my chest, but the headache had gone, and the cough was ever so slight. I was up and working on the computer, but I was still isolating. By day five afternoon, I was better and free of any symptoms. Seven days is the guideline, and I would adhere to those guidelines.

After seven days and one of the lasting things from having the virus is the loss of smell and taste. I arrived back in London and thought how nice the water tasted and that the city seemed to have lost that foul smell. Only when a friend who had also got it pointed it out to me.

While this virus is terrible for some, for most, it will be quite mild. I had flu in December which was far worse than what I had with Covid-19. Don’t let this pandemic change you too much but be considerate of vulnerable people. Stay safe x

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