John Horsfall

So who am I?

In short, I’m an Adventure Athlete,  Photographer and Videographer, Brand Ambassador, Storyteller and Blogger with a purpose.

Growing up, I always lust for adventure and travel. My role now as an Adventure Athlete has always been to communicate my experiences through multimedia. To inspire through storytelling with people less fortunate, to educate oneself in new cultures and to document my journey.

The story of my adventures, started in Edinburgh walking down towards Princess Street after finishing five years at University. Here I came up with the idea of cycling across the US. I didn’t own a bike, and I had never even been to America, so it was a silly idea. One year later though I was preparing for it, bought the flight, the bike and I was on my way. This is where my love for back-country adventures came from, away from the tourist traps, meeting the real people of the country and immersing oneself into a culture.

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it.”

In May 2017, nine months after finishing my run across Kenya, I went about creating a new path. I had a stable job as a Landscape Architect, a comfortable flat but it was everything I didn’t want. I still felt young, hungry, and I wanted to see how far my potential could go, what I could achieve if I put my mind to it. So I set out on a new journey.

Confucius said: ‘He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right,’ 

This website is my space on the internet to share my photography with you of the fantastic places I visit, as well as write blog posts, post videos, and share my passion for travel and adventures with you. It’s a place where you can follow my journey and get an insight into my life.

My content continues to cover a range of places and cultures that I have visited but also a variety of subjects I am passionate about; not just personal but also travel, lifestyle, and so much more.  I hope you enjoy

J x